Unlock your digital potential with a bespoke blockchain development company.

Dekrypt connects clients and their vision with an experienced and multi-talented blockchain & application development team to create highly personalized solutions that stand out from the crowd.

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About Us

What do we create in our company?

We enable innovators to bring their blockchain and software ideas to reality with a unique set of skills, experience and firsthand customer experience.


Whether you are looking for smart contract development, cross-chain solutions or have a groundbreaking idea that requires blockchain to operate, our experienced digital ledger team can create the solution for you.


If you require special functionality for your website or are looking for developers to build a complex browser-based application, we have a team of full-stack programmers that can provide you with a customized product.


We have several years of experience building highly complex and detailed management systems for small entrepreneurs and mid-sized companies for Windows systems that can be tailor-made to your wishes.


We pride ourselves on our top-notch consulting services which can support you on your quest of creating digital products. Our unique network of partners and existing projects can be leveraged to bring your ideas to the masses.


No matter how specific your request may be, we’ve probably already dealt with it before. Check out our overview of specialized services to learn what we can build for you.

Do you need help with starting your own token? Are you looking for information on how to build, market and manage your crypto project? Get in touch with us and we can provide you with answers coming from our own rich experience.

We have a multi-disciplinary team that has experience with building Node-based backend systems with databases and frontend developers that can bridge any type of functionality into your project using the latest technologies.

Our talented team of software engineers has experience building tailor-made Windows applications in C# that have been used for large storage centers, accounting firms and private clinics amongst others.

We connect you with our in-house blockchain engineers that can build anything from all types of smart contracts, cross-chain systems, personalized bots to highly specialized scripts to bring your blockchain idea to the masses.

Our Solidity engineers can help you assess the security and reliability of your blockchain code using a personalized approach where each line of your script will not only be checked for syntax errors but also logical coherence.

Having already deployed and/or managed a plethora of cryptocurrency projects, we have the necessary tools and network of partners to help you promote your business and share it with the broad crypto sphere.



We are a small and talented team with several years of experience and backgrounds in finance, computer software and project management amongst others.

Company information

Dekrypt d.o.o. is a limited liability company registered in Slovenia with the address of Mihalovec 69b, 8257 Dobova and the registration number 8782270000 and tax identification number SI42649595.

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